Barossa Valley. You can’t utter the name Barossa without picturing acres of vineyards, tasting wine on your taste buds, or smelling fermenting grapes. Barossa Valley is considered one of the best wine regions in Australia with some of the world’s oldest vines and growing tradition influenced by Germans! We’re going to step away from the bottles and dive into the beauty of Barossa. We’ve compiled a list that will have you flying high, riding low, cooking slow, and exploring Barossa like you’ve never have before!

Mengler’s Hill Lookout Sculpture Park

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What better way to show of the valley then a bird eye’s view of its beauty. At Mengler’s Hill Lookout you’re at the perfect place with the most picturesque views. If the views aren’t enough for you, you can take advantage of the nearby sculpture park featuring unique artwork of 9 artists that visited the area in 1988. You can take loads of pictures, have a picnic, and enjoy this discreet and quaint escape into the countryside. 

9. Barossa Chateau
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Hailed as one of Australia’s most luxurious hotels, the Barossa Chateau’s charm never disappoints. Not only do they carry the country’s most exquisite rose garden in their 25 acres of estate land but you can dine at their café and enjoy some tea, pickled squid, or Thai beef salad. After lunch make sure you don’t forget to take a stroll into their art and antiques gallery which is adorned with the largest collection of porcelain in Australia. It’s definitely a classic beauty of Australia.

8. Barossa Farmers Market
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Attention foodies! Looking for an amazing market with fresh local vegetables, sweets, and meats? Look no further. Your Barossa visit does not count if you don’t shop at the Farmer’s Market with the locals. It has a great atmosphere, great people, and the best bacon and egg burgers! It’s the best way to spend your Saturday morning. The market opens from 7:30am-11:30am. You’ll be captivated by the different aromas created by the array of food. We haven’t met one person that didn’t enjoy their experience here, so shop away!

7. Whispering Walls
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Traveling with children or a child at heart? Then the Whispering Walls is your go to! The Whispering Wall is retentive wall of the Barossa Reservoir and its architecture was so fascinating that it was featured in the prestigious Scientific American Journal. However this is not what draws the crowds, it’s the distinctive acoustic effects. You whisper on one side but can be heard loud and clear by a person on the other side more than 100 metres away! Kids love it, adults love it, and scientist love it so make sure to enjoy the sounds of the Whispering Walls.
6. Food Luddite Kitchen Studio
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The definition of Food Luddite is a passionate advocate for the old ways of food preparation. At Food Luddite Kitchen Studio stays true to their meaning and conducts hands on cooking classes prepared according to time and respected traditions. So roll up your sleeves for this experience and learn some Wine County Cooking at this South Australian Studio. Go to to set up your cooking class!

5. Penfolds Make Your Own Wine
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So as promised, we will talk about some wine! It’s not your typical wine tour that makes Barossa so famous but is an unforgettable experience for any wine lover! You spend an hour with the wine experts at the legendary Penfolds learning the history of this 171 year old winery and their winemaking process then become an expert of your own. Once you find your perfect recipe your wine is bottled and ready to be a huge hit at your next holiday party. It’s the perfect souvenir from your Australian wine country adventure!

4. Kangaroo Island Tour
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Hop in your car and take a day trip! This 2 hour ride out of Barossa Valley is worth every mile. You’ll begin at Cape Jervis where you get to board a 45min ferry to the astounding Kangaroo Island where you will not only be greeted by Kangaroos but will have the chance to make friends with penguins, wallabies, emus, koalas, platypuses and more! There are a few tours to choose while on the island so make sure you set aside ample amount of time to explore. Do not skip this escape to paradise while in southern Australia!

3. Barossa Bike Tour

Had too much wine in Barossa and want to work it off? We’ve got a solution for you! Pedal your way around the stunning valley via the bike trails. You can either rent these bikes and have them delivered to your hotel for your own private excursion or take a tour with the friendly knowledgeable staff. Go to to reserve your bicycles and ask for Louis J

2. Segway Tour
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Let’s kick it up a notch for the readers who like to explore outside the box! Practice your best balancing act while cruising around the iconic Seppeltsfield Winery with Segway Sensation SA Tours. To begin your 60 minute tour you’ll receive training to tame your Segway and learn the ropes. That’s followed by gliding through 19th century architecture, serene gardens and magnificent vineyard panoramas. Your escapade ends with a lunch compiled of Barossa Valley award winning goods which include Kalamata Olives, Barossa Valley Cheese, Relishes, and more!

1. Barossa Balloon Adventures

The ultimate experience in Barossa will be found 4,000 feet in the air in a floating basket being propelled by a giant balloon! No this is not the ending of Dorthey’s Wiazard of Oz dream it’s the beginning of your quest for unique adventure. During this experience you will be surrounded by 360 degree photographic sights, have the chance to participate in the inflation of the balloon, and enjoy a gourmet Barossa breakfast! It’s an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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